Proof of oneness

Last night,  seven amazing women read cards for me as part of an Intuitive Tarot group meetup. Of the 33 cards turned on my behalf, there were only two repeats of any given card. Intriguingly, they were  major arcana numbers 15 and 13, The Devil and Death, strongly suggesting the the huge change I’m seeking  requires me to first look at the lies I tell me about myself.

Fair enough. Then this morning, I received an email from Consciousness Circle Helen. She posed a question she was “expected” to pass along. The question was odd enough that I’m sure if my guides had/have attempted to pose directly, I would have failed to perceive it. Now, thanks to her willingness to receive it on my behalf,  I’ll be working with all this question stirs up for me. And staying open to any connection between this morning’s message and that of last night’s cards.

How connected are we, we Earth dwellers?  I’m always amazed.

Photo credit: Jiaren Lau

Time to dig deeper

Some days, as part of training my intuition (or rather, training myself to trust my intuition), I’ll go to the Tarot, let a card present itself and then listen for what my inner voice tells me before I go to the book for the card’s meaning.

Today was the second time in a row the deck gave me The Hierophant. The image shown here differs from my deck (The Light and Shadow Tarot, by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams), but just as difficult for me to get a bead on.

Repeats are significant, especially with Major Arcana like this, right? So I went and did a little more reading about this distinguished looking gentleman. Here’s the question that jumped out at me:

Are my beliefs helping or hindering me?

So I reckon it’s time to dig deeper into more than just the meaning of this card. It’s time to get more aggressive about uncovering some no-doubt long held beliefs that are creating an obstacle to what I now want.

This is not what I wanted to hear. I’m feeling the lazy pull of summer heat and wanting to take a break from putting much effort into my awakening. I guess it comes down to asking which I want more — the old belief (whatever it is) and the thing I now desire?

Anyone out there with experience with The Hierophant? Please chime in. Continue reading “Time to dig deeper”

Some decks are stacked

My relationship with my tarot deck is coming along. Several times this month, when stumped for a blog topic, I’ve gone to it for inspiration. Cards now present themselves without much coaxing, falling or leaping from the deck.

Taking such an free-form approach to tarot is new for me. I tried to go a more studied route, but kept getting hung up trying to memorize meanings. Memorization has never been my long suit.

Now I look at however many cards present themselves, and let myself free associate based on the imagery, often aloud. Only then will I read what the book has to say about their meaning. My intuitive interpretations are usually darned close to what the book says.

What a wonderful tool for learning to trust my intuition.

Fire and water and all male

Tomorrow’s eclipse opposes my natal Mars. Perhaps that’s why my Tarot deck is showing me intensely masculine images — Prince of Cups and King of Wands.

Atmospheric energy relentlessly skates along my skin tonight, as real as a static charge. Whatever happens this summer, there will be no going back.

Making space for this thing that's bigger than you

I was looking at my deck’s image of The Hanged Man, which represents my 2010 Tarot Personal Year energy. Before reading its meaning, my gut reaction was, “I’m seeing everything from a dramatically altered perspective–at least temporarily–and judging by ‘my’ posture and expression, this topsy-turvy perspective brings me satisfaction and/or pleasure.”

Then I read that the card’s archetype/expertise/wisdom is personal sacrifice. After a little head scratching–and noticing that the card’s astrological correspondent is Neptune–it occurred to me that all the “sacrifice” may begin inside me. An example would be a sacrifice/surrender of ego-ic attachment to believing things had to be done a certain way in order to be “right.” (And even that there’s such a thing as “right.”) Another would be a surrender to creative inspiration without worrying whether it would lead to a commercially viable product. Another might be demonstrating compassion/forgiveness in a way that requires me to release any previous attachment to judgment.

In other words, a year of being willing to surrender everything I think I know, in order to make room for something bigger than me.