“2012: A Wrinkle in Time”: it’s here!

I won it on Wednesday and received it on Saturday. Wow! “It” is the Mike Dooley DVD I just mentioned in the last post, “2012: A Wrinkle in Time.”

If you’ve not been exposed to Mike Dooley or his Notes from the Universe—except, perhaps, for having seen/read “The Secret“—this is a fantastic introduction. If you’re already a fan, you’ll be familiar with much of what he says, including his advice on how to thrive in the coming, ahem, apocalypse. (Challenges, certainly. Apocalypse, no.) And yet, you won’t want to miss his final section, which is full of his visions of what life on our fully conscious Earth will be like. Funny and inspiring!

Of course, they all revolve around the idea that we’re undergoing an unprecedented, widespread flowering of human consciousness. We’re waking up to our own power, our own divinity—and our own responsibility. Because there will be those unwilling to grow, we will be experiencing some growing pains. But there’s every chance that we’re entering a golden age of harmony and joy.

Here are a couple of his predictions…
Within 3-7 years:

  • Metaphysical teachings will continue to go mainstream
  • The more spiritual we become, the more technically sophisticated we will become

Within 7-50 years:

  • Drugs will become legal, but very unpopular
  • Animals will have their own Bill of Rights. All forms of animal testing will cease

In 50+ years:

  • Human life span will be 100s of years with no body deterioration
  • There will be more joy than ever before known on Earth. More fun. More friends. Better everything

Do you feel it? What do youthink is happening? Are we headed to bliss…or disaster?

I’m rooting for bliss.

Share the love: Mike Dooley, aka The Universe

Need a reason to look forward to Mondays? How about your own personalized note of encouragement from The Universe?

I’ve subscribed to this free service for more than a year and a half. The Notes arrive every weekday. Sometimes they make me smile. Sometimes they make me cry. And sometimes, they manage both, like this one from last April:

You’re freakin’ me out, Sally. I can’t remember when you last looked so radiant. When your inner beauty shone so bright. When your step was so light and your smile so heavenly. And it’s Monday! What’s gotten into you?!

Does this have anything to do with recalling your divinity? Have you realized that time truly is on your side, and that more than enough of it remains for us to do your greatest work? Is it that you now see how much you already have, how many you’ve already helped, and how much you’ve already done?

Ahhhh! Your eyes just did that sparkly thing! Moonbeams just shot from your fingertips! The aroma, all around you, is like lavender! And your angels are locked wing to wing singing, “Weeeeeeeeee are the champions…”

…Okay, okay. So I’m pulling your leg a little bit. Truth be told, I can’t remember when you didn’t look like this.

All together now…
The Universe

P.S. Don’t you LOVE “Queen,” Sally?

Can’t you just imagine those singing angels? Fantastic!!

Mike Dooley (@mikedooley) produces the Notes, as well as being a writer, speaker, adventurer and inspiration. When he announced his upcoming DVD release “2012: A Wrinkle in Time,” I was understandably excited. I entered a contest he was running on Twitter and today I learned I was among the lucky ones to win an autographed copy. Wow!!

I’ll post a review once I receive it. In the meantime, I bask in a happy glow.

What is your purpose? Healer? Warrior? Architect?

My doctor is darned amazing. During today’s follow-up visit, we got to talking about 2012 and the huge energetic/evolutionary changes already in motion.

“A lot of people are going to leave the Earth,” she said gravely, and I agreed. “Not me,” she added, shaking her head sadly, “I’m a Rebuilder.”

I asked if she’d had messages that let her know she’d live through the coming transition and she nodded. She told me we all had roles. Some were Warriors, here to help bring down the structures that needed to be destroyed so the change could happen. Some were Healers. Some were Architects of the new way of life.

One friend of hers, she said, declared her purpose was to show others to the light. Three weeks later, she died in a motorcycle accident. I suppose she’s gone to take up her post.

What’s your role? If your intellect won’t tell you, play the “if I knew…” game. If you know what your purpose was, what would it be?

Bet you know!

Finding oneself in a parking lot

All was clear as I began backing out of a parking space this morning, grocery purchases freshly stowed in the trunk. Then another driver joined the fray, backing from a spot on the opposite side of the row. I sounded my horn in warning. Our cars collided anyway, rear bumper to rear bumper.

We both re-parked and stepped out to take stock. Each car’s bumper showed minor evidence of the collision, and my monkey mind was already wondering what our insurance companies would say. And bless me, she gave me the gift of being fully present. Her calm brought me back to the moment. We agreed the collision had been a Friday the 13th thing and a minor one at that.

She opened her arms for a hug I was happy to return. I asked her name. “Sally,” she said. My mouth fell open. In the next 30 seconds, we not only knew one another’s birthdays, but I found out her son shares mine.

These moments were why we’d literally run into one another. What beautiful proof that we’re all connected. And the world is much smaller than that parking lot.

Photo is ©Walter Baxter and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License.

Living a more playful life

The name of this game is, “If this were a sign, what would it mean?” It’s one of my favorites.

I played this game today when I found a simple ballpoint pen on the sidewalk on my way to an appointment. I picked it up, and when I learned it didn’t belong to anyone inside, had a better look at it. Its writing tip was exposed, cap secured atop the other end—this pen was ready for action. And now it was mine, if I wanted it.

I asked myself, “if this were a sign, what would it mean?” Immediately, I heard in my head, “Your writing is going to pick up.”

It made me smile. It helped me exercise my intuition. And it planted a seed of hope. Does it matter whether finding it was truly a sign from the Universe/God/higher self? Not a bit. But this is definitely my pen.

Photo credit: victoriapeckham

Beliefs? Reboot!

Car stereoAs I started the car today to come home from Doctor Cutie’s office, the CD player spit out the CD. Surprised, I sat stared at the hemisphere protruding from the dashboard. After a moment, it slid back into the disc slot on its own.

It didn’t play. I didn’t want it to. Instead, I sat there appreciating how perfectly it reflected the experience I’d just had, shedding old beliefs. My experience had been so intense that I after my appointment I’d literally taken time to realign my relationship with gravity before trying to walk to the door. It was as if I’d rebooted my body after downloading a significant upgrade.

Photo credit: eniak.info