You have permission to be awesome

This year, I worked a Halloween party where no one had ever had a Tarot experience (or at least none of the folks who sat down at my table). What happened seemed truly miraculous.

Morgan Greer Tarot ©U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Man with the mustache

First, there was the woman who wanted to know if her husband was hiding something from her. I threw some cards. One landed face down, with the Knight of Pentacles atop it. (I was using the Morgan Greer Tarot from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.) I knew the knight was her husband, and he was hiding the face-down card. My client exclaimed the card even looked like her husband.

Morgan Greer Tarot ©U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
The pot of gold

Then there was the man asking whether his sales lead-generation program would be successful within three months. I turned two cards and asked which one appealed to him. Without hesitation, he pounced on the 10 of Cups, also from the Morgan Greer Tarot. When we completed the reading, he pointed to that first card and explained how perfectly its artwork reflected his company’s name.

Literal translations like this are fun, but the true miracles were the shifts I saw in these people. How their Tarot experience encouraged them and validated them. How they straightened their spines, carrying their chests high.

Transformations before my very eyes

Another client arrived with a beer in either hand. I doubt he’d have sat at my table without a little buzz on. But he became more and more focused as we went through his cards. More clear-headed and thoughtful. He seemed positively inspired.

Were these clients truly looking for insight, or simply taking advantage of the night’s judgment-free atmosphere to sit for a reading as a lark? It doesn’t matter. Whatever brought them to me, I gave them my best and was awed to witness what they offered in return. I’m so grateful.

Shuck the rules and discover yourself

At Halloween, costumes give us permission to behave strangely. Like demanding candy. Or requesting a Tarot reading. The usual rules don’t apply. And when everything is just for fun, it’s amazing how easily we find our wings and fly.

New things: Calling in to a radio show

Have you ever phoned in to a radio show or podcast? As of today, I have.

The show in question was about Human Design, a self-discovery tool I’d heard about last year listening to Benjamin Bernstein’s wonderful “This Week In Astrology” podcast. After that show, I’d emailed his guest, Hal Bahr, for a copy of my Human Design chart.

That action put me on Hal’s email list and I learned he’d be on a show with Kim Gould. The show date came and went. I’d forgotten it. Oh, well, I thought, it must not have been important for me to hear it.

Second chances wear funny clothes

Yesterday, I heard the original show date had been scrapped due to technical problems, and they’d try again today. Seemed the Universe wasn’t done with me.

I called and voila, I was on air. They were charming and helpful. I took notes, said thank you and that was that.

Short version of what I learned from the hosts: Mars and Venus occupy the same spot in my Human Design, but unsurprisingly, they express it very differently. For my Mars, different = dangerous. By contrast, my Venus maintains a fearless trust in a greater unanimity and an ability to find value in apparent differences.

I trust her to soothe my Mars as I fling myself into my 50 New Things in my 50th Year adventure.

[Awhile back, I announced my intention to celebrate my 50th birthday year by trying 50 new things. This post contributes to my chronicle of some of those new things.]

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Dreams of the missing body part

If you’ve ever put a part of you “on the shelf,” whether you did it consciously or unknowingly, you may relate to this one.

In my dream, I was a student in a perpetual state of rushing from one thing to the next. As I hurriedly collected my belongings to move to a new place, I discovered my midsection—a large section of my body, from my groin up to the bra band. I had removed it in some earlier rushed moment and thoughtlessly stashed among my stuff.

Now, here it was. Cold and clammy. And of all the things running through my dream self’s mind, from “ewwww,” to “uh-oh, I should have put that on ice to keep it fresh because I’m going to want to reattach it,” to “huh, it’s lighter than I expected it to be,” the most disturbing aspects to my waking self were that:

  • I had done it myself and didn’t want anyone to know. (Therefore, I was hesitant to seek help recovering it.)
  • I was in a hurry and felt annoyed to be faced with having to make a decision about this.

Unlike the dream about glass walls and turquoise, the meaning of this one eluded me upon waking. Some insightful friends have been helping me out, and here’s my current understanding.

When we give our power away

In addition to some fairly crucial organs and skeletal structures, our lower torsos are home to the second and third chakras, important personal energy centers. Removing them from my body was the same as giving away my creativity and personal power.

I’ll bet you can think of any number of occasions when you’ve done this. At one point, I had a job where I did this all day, every day. Willingly. Looking back, I don’t think the job required it. It was my choice.

Regardless, the dream said it’s time to reintegrate, to become whole, to take back the part of me I treated so carelessly. And yep, it feels scary and inconvenient. And yep, I feel a tad ashamed to have ever separated. But unlike my dream self, I’m confessing publicly.

Seeking hidden treasure

Do you have parts waiting to be rediscovered? Maybe they’re feelings that didn’t feel “safe,” so you’ve stashed them away. Or opinions that were pooh-poohed when you were younger.

How long has it been since you checked in with all that secret stuff? Could be there’s something there that’s ready for your loving acceptance. It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it?

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Entering the dark of the year

With the days noticeably shorter and Halloween spookiness fills our awareness, it’s natural to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve lost. To mourn our dead and dig in for winter.

Astrology reinforces the theme. Last weekend, the sun entered Scorpio, a sign known for going deep into the Mysteries with a capital M. It happens to be my rising sign, making Pluto–god of the Underworld–the ruler of my chart. You could say I’ve some experience in going deep.

Which is why I know that there is no death without rebirth. Every sorrow teaches us something, if only we’re open to receiving its gifts.

Stuff that won’t stay buried

Today, I felt called to visit my neighborhood coffee shop. I asked the Tarot, “what time is it?” and received the same answer I got when I did my new moon reading on Wednesday. The cards told me, “It’s time to stop denying the pain of old wounds.”

My past holds gifts I’ve not yet mined. They’re contained in old hurts, and I must acknowledge the pain. Only then can it be transformed into new awareness. Now that I’ve received the message, I won’t ignore the guidance. My journal pages are taking a beating this week.

How to go after your own buried gifts

What about you? What pain have you buried? Halloween is the perfect time of year to transform it into a treat that will sweeten your life going forward. A playful way to do it would be dressing up as your pain (or the thing that caused it) and let it play out over the course of the night. Too intense? Scream. You’ll feel better, and trick-or-treaters will love it..

(A personal note to my table-mates at the coffee shop. Please call me when you’re ready for a Tarot reading. I would love to help you.)

Moon photo: Goddard Photo and Video

Messages at my feet (AKA, I wrote because the Universe toed me to)

Today is not the first time I’ve looked down and found a pen. It is, however the first time I found a second on my very next stop.

Random hap-pen-stance?

The first was in the grass. I’d chosen the parking spot for its partial shade when I went to meet a friend for coffee. When I returned to my car, most of my attention was on the snappy dresser listening to his mp3 player, earbud in one ear, while talking on his mobile phone, earpiece in the other. He didn’t seem to see me at all in spite of the fact he was pacing right next to Bop (my car).

I stepped into the grass to open the car door and there it was at my feet, nothing special other than being retractable. I picked it up. It advertised that it could put my logo on any number of advertising products. I shrugged, put it on the passenger seat and went on to tackle an errand.

You’d ink I would know better

I pulled Bop into a spot and dashed into a craft supply store, though my intuition told me they wouldn’t have what I was after. Sure enough, I emerged a minute or so later. And as I went to open the car door, I saw it. A super-basic model this time, it’s cap affixed to its other end as if it’d been lost in action. This one, too, had a logo, and my eye went to the last word of the company name–Home.

I played my favorite game, asking myself, iif this were a message, what would it be? And the answer was plain. Go Home And Write.

So I did.

Photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino23

Miracles in the everyday

I’ve been practicing a miracle mindset. Not in the sense of hoping for a “rescue” from unpleasant circumstances. Rather in the sense of allowing room in my life for the possibility of what some might call impossible or at least unlikely.

Part of the fun of a miracle mindset come when you neglect to draw a distinction between “big” and “small.” A miracle is a miracle, whether its biting into fruit and finding its sweetness and texture match your preferences exactly, or hearing a suffering loved one is suddenly and inexplicably cancer-free.

How I know Team Sally has my number

You may remember my love of a game I call, “If this were a message, what would it be?” Many of us play it spontaneously when we noticing things showing up as a pattern. Well, I saw a pattern, driving home from the grocery store the other night.

I happened to glance at the odometer. It read 70,700. I smiled. What a fun, rhythmic number. On my next glance at the dashboard, I saw that the outside temperature was 78 degrees—but it changed to 77 degrees as I watched.

That’s a lot of sevens.

What would playing the message game suggest? Perhaps:

  • the lucky sevens were telling me to play the lottery
  • it was a reference to something important that happened when I was seven years old
  • learning more about what sevens mean in numerology would shed more light
  • a simple reminder it’s about time for an oil change

Compelling as the pattern was, I didn’t play the game that night. I already knew what the message was. This everyday miracle was here to remind me I’m not alone. And that’s no small thing.

Do you remember experiencing miracles in your life? How do they tend to show up for you?

Photo of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades compiled by jimkster

I’ll keep the extraterrestrial rights, thanks

I responded to a casting call seeking folks who’d had funny, freaky or frightening dreams, ’cause, wow, my dreaming life is BIZzy. Participating in a TV documentary series on the subject sounded fun, especially with the prospect of getting in-depth advice from professional dream workers.

And then I read the production company’s release form. (Do you read releases and contracts? I do. Try it next time you rent a car. It’ll blow your mind. And probably the mind of the company clerk who’s never witnesses this and probably never read it, either.) First this phrase made me uncomfortable:

You [meaning the production company] may edit, modify, add to and/or delete material, juxtapose any part of the program with any other program, change the sequence of events or of any questions posed and/or answers given, and make any other changes in the program [Name of Production Company] deems appropriate.

So, I thought, you can make it sound like I’m answering a question that was entirely different than what I was asked, basically altering the meaning of my words.

Still, I’ve edited video before, and I can see the high side of what they might be intending with this phrase. I might have gone ahead to the call for an in-person test of the place’s vibe for integrity, but then I saw this:

You [meaning the production company] may use and license others to use my name, voice, likeness and any biographical material […] in the distribution, sale, licensing, marketing, advertising, promotion, and exhibition of all or any part of the Program (or any other of Production Company Name’s programming) in all markets and media (whether now known or hereafter developed), throughout the universe, forever.


Throughout the universe?

Definitely a deal breaker. I’d rather hang on to my extraterrestrial broadcast rights just now, thank you.

Photo credit: quatro.sinko