Between solstice and eclipse

The pair of eclipses that ended 2009 and launched 2010 packed a wallop for this Capricorn native, but I suspect they were simply setting the scene for those coming up on June 26 and July 11, 2010, given all the heavenly shenanigans firing up in the cardinal signs.

When I look ahead at my transits for these Cancer-Capricorn eclipses, I see beaucoup challenges for my entire identity. I already knew this would be my Hanged Man year. I’m ready to surrender. But that doesn’t stop me looking for resources I can call on.

For example, this Saturday, I might get some help from Uranus, with its potential to bring me flashes of divine inspiration. And in July, it’ll be Neptune with its depthless mysteries. Neptune is also the natural correspondent to the Hanged Man. Will it simply knock me off my feet — a victim of powerful forces beyond my control? Or will I perhaps I will be, for a time, swept out of the rational world for a rebirth of deep, fluid connection with the source of life itself.

Who can say? All I know is I’ll be calling on my guides for help, paying attention to my dreams and keeping a journal close at hand. How ’bout you?

Photo credit: Flowery *L*u*z*a*

From creature of the air and water to creature of water and earth

One of the events that made yesterday so sparkly was a group session past life regression with PJ Spur. As part of the experience, she guided us through a couple of visualizations to allow us to meet/question our spirit guide.

In our group, some saw animals, some saw “humans,” and a couple couldn’t get anything. Mine kept shimmering, as if she/it either couldn’t hold a single form, couldn’t decide what I would best connect with, or some reason I can neither fathom nor understand. At first, I was addressing a sometimes cat/sometimes woman with blonde curly hair. Then for awhile, I was looking at a section of butterfly wing. Later, the blonde woman shifted in and out of being more piscean in form — very fish-like, with gorgeous shimmering scales.

Given my lifelong tendency to dream of fish, I reckon that was the form closest to its/her natural essence.

Photo credit: Gordana AM

Preoccupied shoes

This morning’s dream came with subtitles, or perhaps merely a vocabulary lesson.

I was looking at my closet floor, where my shoes were piled willy nilly, with this word superimposed across the image in my brain: preoccupied. As soon as I woke, I knew what it meant. Just the day before, I’d been weighing some opportunities I’d seen online and my amazing imagination had already proposed scenarios, lived through them and found them wanting. In other words, I’d worn out the shoes without ever setting foot outside my own mind.

I began to laugh–I’d found a new perspective on the word “preoccupied.” When we’re all caught up in reliving the past, or anticipating future scenarios that may never manifest, are we not preoccupied? I love it!

Photo credit: Warburg.

Dreams of a place I've never been

This morning before waking, I was traveling in Colombia and very ready for breakfast. Trouble was, no one explained that I should seek the food that taverns always lay out for patrons, rather than fruitlessly wait for a server to come take my order. (Is this true in Colombia? It seemed so real!)

Also, I was fascinated by local children patiently feeding coin after coin into an odd vending machine and watch it create a chocolate bar the size of a hardcover children’s picture book, wrapped in gleaming gold foil.

That’s my kinda tavern, for sure. If you were the handsome stranger joining me at my table, let me know, okay?