Fire and water and all male

Tomorrow’s eclipse opposes my natal Mars. Perhaps that’s why my Tarot deck is showing me intensely masculine images — Prince of Cups and King of Wands.

Atmospheric energy relentlessly skates along my skin tonight, as real as a static charge. Whatever happens this summer, there will be no going back.

Between solstice and eclipse

The pair of eclipses that ended 2009 and launched 2010 packed a wallop for this Capricorn native, but I suspect they were simply setting the scene for those coming up on June 26 and July 11, 2010, given all the heavenly shenanigans firing up in the cardinal signs.

When I look ahead at my transits for these Cancer-Capricorn eclipses, I see beaucoup challenges for my entire identity. I already knew this would be my Hanged Man year. I’m ready to surrender. But that doesn’t stop me looking for resources I can call on.

For example, this Saturday, I might get some help from Uranus, with its potential to bring me flashes of divine inspiration. And in July, it’ll be Neptune with its depthless mysteries. Neptune is also the natural correspondent to the Hanged Man. Will it simply knock me off my feet — a victim of powerful forces beyond my control? Or will I perhaps I will be, for a time, swept out of the rational world for a rebirth of deep, fluid connection with the source of life itself.

Who can say? All I know is I’ll be calling on my guides for help, paying attention to my dreams and keeping a journal close at hand. How ’bout you?

Photo credit: Flowery *L*u*z*a*


Another set of eclipses coming up! Lunar on June 26, solar on July 11. These will impact very sensitive points in my chart, so I’m boning up on what aspects the transiting planets will be making on those dates. Even more importantly, I’m reading my journals to see what issues are likely to be present for me–looking at the Dec 31/Jan 15 eclipses and thinking back to the previous sets that had similar energies.

Whether you’ve got key planets in early degrees of the Cardinal signs or not, these eclipses figure into this summer’s Cardinal Cross, so you’re in. Fasten your seat belt!

June challenge: idealistic and bold

Last week, Uranus entered Aries. This calls for a bold new beginning.

I’m challenging myself to add a post a day throughout June. My hope is that it will force me to experiment. Perhaps I will decide to move onto another project. Or perhaps a distinctive shape and voice will emerge for this one.