The Lovers: Tarot energy of 2013

Keywords: Harmony, decisions, union, rite of passage, romance.
Keywords: Harmony, decisions, union, rite of passage, romance.

The year 2013 is a “6” year in numerology. (We get that by adding 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6) The sixth card in Tarot’s Major Arcana is The Lovers, so expect the energy of this card to be widely available. If you have any dreams or plans with a Lovers-like flavor, dust ‘em off and put them into motion—there’s lots of support available this year.

Under the energy of The Lovers, an overall strategy of cooperation (or collaboration) will be more successful than competition. This is the year to release thoughts of us/them in favor of seeking win/win solutions. It’s a time to remember that our decisions impact others.

"Cream & Sugar" in The Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie & Dennis Fairchild.
“Cream & Sugar” in The Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie & Dennis Fairchild.

Of course, there’s a chance of getting carried away with the feel-good, romantic energy of The Lovers. The shadow side of The Lovers includes the temptation to over-sacrifice in the name of harmony. Or to get so swept off your feet that you make decisions you later regret.

That said, The Lovers can provide a welcome spirit of optimism and an interest in working together. To repair/renegotiate/release inharmonious relationships. To explore what’s possible when we embrace a more romantic view of life. Who will we meet? How will we treat the people we love? What happens when we our decisions arise from love, rather than fear?

This is the year to find out.

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New things: Calling in to a radio show

Have you ever phoned in to a radio show or podcast? As of today, I have.

The show in question was about Human Design, a self-discovery tool I’d heard about last year listening to Benjamin Bernstein’s wonderful “This Week In Astrology” podcast. After that show, I’d emailed his guest, Hal Bahr, for a copy of my Human Design chart.

That action put me on Hal’s email list and I learned he’d be on a show with Kim Gould. The show date came and went. I’d forgotten it. Oh, well, I thought, it must not have been important for me to hear it.

Second chances wear funny clothes

Yesterday, I heard the original show date had been scrapped due to technical problems, and they’d try again today. Seemed the Universe wasn’t done with me.

I called and voila, I was on air. They were charming and helpful. I took notes, said thank you and that was that.

Short version of what I learned from the hosts: Mars and Venus occupy the same spot in my Human Design, but unsurprisingly, they express it very differently. For my Mars, different = dangerous. By contrast, my Venus maintains a fearless trust in a greater unanimity and an ability to find value in apparent differences.

I trust her to soothe my Mars as I fling myself into my 50 New Things in my 50th Year adventure.

[Awhile back, I announced my intention to celebrate my 50th birthday year by trying 50 new things. This post contributes to my chronicle of some of those new things.]

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Entering the dark of the year

With the days noticeably shorter and Halloween spookiness fills our awareness, it’s natural to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve lost. To mourn our dead and dig in for winter.

Astrology reinforces the theme. Last weekend, the sun entered Scorpio, a sign known for going deep into the Mysteries with a capital M. It happens to be my rising sign, making Pluto–god of the Underworld–the ruler of my chart. You could say I’ve some experience in going deep.

Which is why I know that there is no death without rebirth. Every sorrow teaches us something, if only we’re open to receiving its gifts.

Stuff that won’t stay buried

Today, I felt called to visit my neighborhood coffee shop. I asked the Tarot, “what time is it?” and received the same answer I got when I did my new moon reading on Wednesday. The cards told me, “It’s time to stop denying the pain of old wounds.”

My past holds gifts I’ve not yet mined. They’re contained in old hurts, and I must acknowledge the pain. Only then can it be transformed into new awareness. Now that I’ve received the message, I won’t ignore the guidance. My journal pages are taking a beating this week.

How to go after your own buried gifts

What about you? What pain have you buried? Halloween is the perfect time of year to transform it into a treat that will sweeten your life going forward. A playful way to do it would be dressing up as your pain (or the thing that caused it) and let it play out over the course of the night. Too intense? Scream. You’ll feel better, and trick-or-treaters will love it..

(A personal note to my table-mates at the coffee shop. Please call me when you’re ready for a Tarot reading. I would love to help you.)

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To wish? or to affirm? That is the question

Are you a wisher? Not as in offering well-wishes to a friend. As in wishing on a star (or penny or simply wishing straight out).

Could wishing be counterproductive?

A few years ago, someone earnestly explained that making wishes would simply draw attention to the fact that whatever I’d wished for was something I didn’t have–and that saying “I want” is an even more negative expression. Much more empowering to use affirmations, he said. Speak as if you were already reaping the benefits of having whatever it was. Since then, I’ve been more careful about saying things like “I wish this would happen,” “I hope this works,” “I really want this,” and so on.

…or is childhood’s impulse right on track?

When I read Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology. I began to wonder. Ms. Spiller’s book encourages us to use the natural power of the new moon as a tool for manifesting our desires. She offers page after page of sample wishes, most of which begin with the words “I want.”

Likely it’s my background as a writer (and reader) that’s instilled a belief in the power of words that runs too deeply for me to take this issue lightly. Ultimately, I know it’s up to me to decide what truth looks like for me. And yet I’m curious:

Do you wish? Want? Hope? Or do you stay firmly in the present, using affirmations?

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Pluto in my face

If left to my own schedule right now, I’d happily sleep 10 hours a night. Will this process ease up any time soon? I rather doubt it.

Last night, after listening to an astrology podcast, I went to for a look at what the sky has cooking for me. Transiting Pluto is just beginning a sweep of every one of my personal and social planets (my Mars, Venus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon are crammed into an arc of just 32°). It means slow-moving Pluto is poised to be In My Face for decades to come.

What does that mean?

Clare Martin, author of Mapping the Psyche, says, “Symbolically, Pluto describes a forced initiation which appears to come out of nowhere but changes our lives forever. It is where we are taken over by forces we never believed we were going to get involved with.”

Dana Gerhardt adds, “Pluto operates like a good parent or a wise spiritual master. He doesn’t engineer our suffering; our own confusion does that. It’s not the transit, but our resistance to it that creates the pain. We’re attached to something disempowering; it holds us back. … That dysfunctional mindset must be shattered if we’re going to grow. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, ‘We can’t solve our problems using the same mind that created them.'”

To resist or surrender? Is it even a choice?

Personally, I intend to surrender rather than resist. I’m getting better at it, thanks to all the practice I’ve had this past year or so, but it’s still tempting to go unconscious and metaphorically stick my fingers in my ears singing “la, la, la, I can’t hear you!!”

And when that happens, Pluto sends a friend to “help me” find those less-frequently cleaned spots. What a swell guy.

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Dealing with distractions

Is your car equipped with autopilot? Turns out mine isn’t, in spite of all those times it’s gotten me to my destination while I was enjoying some lost time. (You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. You’re not drunk or anything; it’s just that you don’t remember much about how you got from A to B.)

Today, I was driving home from my writing chapter’s monthly meeting. I carefully positioned myself in the lane I’d need to nab my freeway exit…and then realized, half a mile or so later, that I’d not taken the turn.

What could have been so compelling as to draw my attention right at the moment I needed to take action? I have no conscious idea.

Dreamworld is calling, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one all too willing to follow. I’m staying off the roads for now.

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