Clearing away that which doesn't matter

This morning, I was seized by a desire to clean the bathroom, a desire long overdue and which I happily followed. It’s just part of the bigger process happening in my life as a clear away clutter and own up to some messes I’ve created in the past.

Not always a fun process, but I trust the results will be as satisfying as my sparkling bathroom.

Dealing with distractions

Is your car equipped with autopilot? Turns out mine isn’t, in spite of all those times it’s gotten me to my destination while I was enjoying some lost time. (You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. You’re not drunk or anything; it’s just that you don’t remember much about how you got from A to B.)

Today, I was driving home from my writing chapter’s monthly meeting. I carefully positioned myself in the lane I’d need to nab my freeway exit…and then realized, half a mile or so later, that I’d not taken the turn.

What could have been so compelling as to draw my attention right at the moment I needed to take action? I have no conscious idea.

Dreamworld is calling, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one all too willing to follow. I’m staying off the roads for now.

Photo credit: Specious

Fire and water and all male

Tomorrow’s eclipse opposes my natal Mars. Perhaps that’s why my Tarot deck is showing me intensely masculine images — Prince of Cups and King of Wands.

Atmospheric energy relentlessly skates along my skin tonight, as real as a static charge. Whatever happens this summer, there will be no going back.

One conundrum of free will

One of my favorite colleagues of the day job attends a mainstream Christian church. He and I occasionally engage in a respectful exchange of views on the big questions.

Today I asked him whether he leaned toward the idea of fate or whether he believed we all have free will. Free will, he said, without hesitation. I agreed, with the caveat that I believed that, before I came into this life, I had my own agenda of lessons I wanted to learn. And though I can’t consciously remember it, this agenda is in play. That’s why I can trust that anything that seems to be happening through a force beyond my control is actually a realization of something I chose to experience.

He reminded me that he doesn’t believe in reincarnation. Yes, his soul is immortal. Yes, after his body dies, he will go to a world of spirit to live forever. And yet, he believes his soul was born when this body was, and that this one life on Earth is the only physical life he will experience.

(I jokingly said, “Then why the heck aren’t you out bungee jumping and stuff?” He looked thoughtful and replied, “That’s a good question,” which made me consider why the heck I’m not out bungee jumping, myself! Easy to see why we’re such good friends in spite of our apparent differences.)

BTW, this whole discussion began with him asking, “What are you up to lately?” It launched me into some observations on a David Wilcock presentation I recently viewed. The presentation’s upshot is that our species, like all species on our earth, is poised to undertake a massive, evolutionary change.

The presentation is packed with exciting possibilities, along with some disturbing ideas, as is true of much of the 2012 material out there. For example, it was easy to extrapolate the idea that many, many of us will not survive the change, whether because we are overcome by the changes in weather and its consequences, or through violence perpetrated by those who are unable or unwilling to accept the shift.

In my view of free will, I chose to be alive at this time, knowing this was on the way. I know I’m no victim of circumstance, whether I live through this shift or not. But if I were my friend, how could I reconcile these apparent contradictions? His faith amazes me anew.

Between solstice and eclipse

The pair of eclipses that ended 2009 and launched 2010 packed a wallop for this Capricorn native, but I suspect they were simply setting the scene for those coming up on June 26 and July 11, 2010, given all the heavenly shenanigans firing up in the cardinal signs.

When I look ahead at my transits for these Cancer-Capricorn eclipses, I see beaucoup challenges for my entire identity. I already knew this would be my Hanged Man year. I’m ready to surrender. But that doesn’t stop me looking for resources I can call on.

For example, this Saturday, I might get some help from Uranus, with its potential to bring me flashes of divine inspiration. And in July, it’ll be Neptune with its depthless mysteries. Neptune is also the natural correspondent to the Hanged Man. Will it simply knock me off my feet — a victim of powerful forces beyond my control? Or will I perhaps I will be, for a time, swept out of the rational world for a rebirth of deep, fluid connection with the source of life itself.

Who can say? All I know is I’ll be calling on my guides for help, paying attention to my dreams and keeping a journal close at hand. How ’bout you?

Photo credit: Flowery *L*u*z*a*

Must we be dragged, unwilling, to our own enlightenment?

I just finished listening to an interview with mystical scholar Andrew Harvey on the Tami Simon’s podcast for Sounds True. Mr. Harvey has a bluntness I found startling and refreshing (and occasionally offensive to my ego, I’ll admit) in a culture that far prefers a spoonful of sugar.

He had some unflattering things to say about the shallowness of New Age thought and practice. My own perspective is that anything that sparks interest in something beyond a life defined by industry, consumerism or addiction has the potential to trigger the start of a meaningful spiritual journey.

Why not create as many enticing doors as possible to that journey? In my view, even if many of us never venture beyond the threshold, there’s value in the vapor of optimism that lingers after the sound bites are forgotten. The more of us that can feel more excited than fearful about the enormous shift we’re going through, the better.

It’s funny that more than once in the course of the interview, Mr. Harvey indicated his own resistance to the spiritual work of trying to embody divine light. Ms. Simon chimed in that she, too, has been kicking and screaming the whole way. The ego/personality likes to think it’s the big cheese and can throw some pretty spectacular distractions to protect its title.

I’ll admit it was pain that dragged me brought me to my personal trailhead. Since then, there have been fewer 2x4s to the head than Scooby Snacks of wonder. I’d like to think it’s possible to want to do the work because it’s time. Yet on some level, I know I will do this whether I want to or not. It is time.

Giving = receiving

Some more work today with “Doctor Cutie” led me to a new experience of duality.

In the last year or so, I’ve personally encountered some limits to the illusion of duality. For example, there is no difference between inhaling and exhaling. Likewise, I now notice little difference between sobbing and laughing. Today’s refinement had me acknowledging some of my shadow-self elements — parts of me that are still fearful, parts of me that I still don’t like so much.

In other words, even as I was affirming there is no energetic difference between the act of giving and the act of receiving, I was reminded that as long as I inhabit this physical body — this immortal soul working in tandem with a mortal brain — I will be renegotiating a balance of seemingly irreconcilable elements.

It seems a fitting experience for this solstice day — the ongoing dynamic between light and dark, day and night, life and death. (Blessings and light all around!)