Top 3 reasons readers make better lovers

Some of us are turned on by the scent of books. Some appreciate the well-toned muscles of readers who regularly heft hardcovers. There many reasons to snuggle up to someone who spends lots of time between the covers, but here are my top three reasons readers make better lovers.

  1. Curiosity. Readers want to know what happens next. They’re insatiable. And when a passage really sparks a reaction, they’ll read it over and over again.
  2. Focus. Readers have cultivated an attention span longer than 140 characters. (Even short stories contain thousands!) This makes for a very attentive lover.
  3. Conversation. Readers always have something interesting to say. Even better, they’re dying to hear your stories. You won’t be bored.
    Ready to attract a reader of your very own? Here’s the perfect pickup line to get things started: “What have you been reading lately?”

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