Soar winner, minus the poop on my legs

Turkey Vulture in majestic flight.
Given the chance to be a bird for a day, would you do it? What kind of bird would you be?

Me, I’d be a turkey vulture. Master of the air. I’d ride the thermals for hours on end. My wings would stretch wide and proud, creating a majestic silhouette in the sky.

Finding food, not a problem. I’d have sharp eyes and an olfactory sense so refined, I could find food miles away. My constitution could handle anything and my featherless head would enable me to push in and get all the good stuff without the embarrassing, “Oh, Sally, is that meat in your hair?”

But riding the thermals, that’d be the best. Up in the roaring silence. Wind in my feathers, I’d fly for the joy of it. At day’s end, I’d roost with my pals, all of us together. Maybe sharing our adventures. Maybe sharing silence, knowing our lives are good.

Perhaps I’d travel, not like migration—that seems such hard work. But I’d take my magnificent self to the mountains. Or explore the length of a river.

Chat with the natives.

Sample the local cuisine.

Ride the thermals until I no longer know where I am and, upon realizing this, rediscover myself all over again.

Texas bonus… in the summer, I would keep cool by defecating on my legs. (Not a strategy I’d be willing to try out in human form!)

So how ’bout you? If you dream of taking wing, I’d love to hear how you’d do it.

Photo credit: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

6 Replies to “Soar winner, minus the poop on my legs”

  1. Would I do it? You bet.
    What would I be? Well, I’ve been a hawk, so I guess…
    a chickadee-dee-dee.
    Everyone would love me cause I’m just sooo cute.
    I’d flit.. flit, flit, flit. In and out of cedar boughs.
    I’d dart.. dart, dart, dart. Lighter and quicker than all those crows.
    Gathering seeds and gossip from tree to tree…
    And singing my glorious “dee dee dee”.

    1. Perfect! Oh, Judy, you are SUCH a chickadee-dee-dee! So cute and quick. And glorious. Yes, yes!!

      (And have you been reading over my shoulder? The book I’m writing has a character named Grady, and one of the other characters usually trills, “Gra-dee-dee!” when she sees him.)

        1. speaking of serendipity…
          I just noticed that the other comment to your post of this on FaceBook is by Dee Felt.

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