Dancing for kibble (aka play pays)

sgh-061_1zYou’ve got a list of errands as long as your arm and a limited amount of time to get through it. Sound familiar?

Tempting as it is to become an efficiency drone, there are big benefits to taking a more playful approach. Let me share my most recent proof that it’s true.

Dance party at the Petco

Me and my to-do list entered the Big Box pet store and hauled a bag of premium cat food to the checkout stand. There I surrendered a coupon to the very young sales clerk, a skinny guy with glasses, braces and the slouch so common among teens of low self-esteem. While he did his thing, I said, “This brand always makes me feel like I’m buying Disco’s Greatest Hits, you know?”

At his curious glance, I used my best radio DJ voice. “Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken!” I cried before executing a brief reprise of one of John Travolta’s classic dance routines.

2956392064_62def7db12The kid cracked up and complimented me before turning back to the register. He announced my total, assuring me it reflected my coupon discount.

My inner pixie asks for more

“Does it include the dancing discount as well?” I asked.

He glanced around, and seeing no sign of his manager, punched in his employee discount. “Now it does,” he said, grinning. And when I left, he stood a little straighter.

The whole exchange took maybe 15 seconds and brightened the day for both of us. Plus, I saved an additional $3.80.

How are you enriching your life with play today?

P.S. Disco lives! (At least at the Petco.)

Photo credit, disco ball: Sarah

4 Replies to “Dancing for kibble (aka play pays)”

  1. LOVE this! As for me, I went out and noodled around in the garden. Now I need a shower, but after that I think I’ll do some zentangling (which I think you would love, by the way). Thanks for making my day a bit brighter – off to subscribe to your blog. HUGS honey!

  2. You’re now the third person to mention zentangles to me. This may require further investigation!

    Thanks for sharing your day with me.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Jerrie. But it’s not about how well one does it. It’s about enthusiasm!

      Thank you for coming by. Lovely to see your face here.

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