When one ear closes, another opens

A woman wearing antenna-like rabbit ears, to represent how losing my hearing enhanced my ability to receive intuitive messages.Long silence since my last post. Literally. Twice now, I’ve lost my hearing to sinus infections. First time, I freaked out. This time, I’ve been able to appreciate the way it minimizes distractions, making it easier to stay present.

Only just now have I regained enough voice to try catching up with the stack of Tarot reading requests that have been waiting far too long. What I still lack in vocal power is balanced with enhanced intuitive capacity, so clients receiving my first, scratchy, post-ick recordings are getting full benefit of my undistracted state.

If you’re one of my beloved Tarot clients and I owe you a reading, hang in there. I should be caught up by weekend’s end. (Those of you with March birthdays, I haven’t forgotten you!) Thank you for your patience.

Photo credit: Helga Weber

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