February 1 with the Plotting Princesses and Groundhog Day

I’m a summer gal. So by the time we reach the end of January, beginning of February, I’m already desperate for warm temperatures and long, sunlit days and it seems they will never come. Maybe that’s why I love the 1993 film “Groundhog Day.”

As Phil Connor (the Bill Murray character) says, “You want a prediction about the weather, you’re asking the wrong Phil. I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

I love it because, of course, it doesn’t last the rest of his life. He’s stuck. Feeling trapped and hopeless. And with Groundhog Day, he has a magical opportunity to change his outlook, his luck, his heart and ultimately, his life.

So does the heroine of Going Native. Come join me on the Plotting Princesses blog to talk about the courage to change.

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