New things: dog washer

My new living situation finds me in a house with two dogs. Because I’ve had almost no history with dogs, I’m learning new things all the time. (How lucky that I made a vow on my birthday to try 50 new things this year!)

Going to the groomer makes Winifred anxious nearly to the point of seizures. So when her dirty-dog smell got distracting, my housemate proposed the do-it-yourself dog wash. Always up for a new experience, I offered to help. We gathered our quarters, grabbed a towel and put ‘Fred in her car.

Off to the Wag and Wash

This ingenious facility included a raised platform with a drain and a place to secure the dog on a short lead. Three hoses hung from the ceiling. One featured a spray nozzle that delivered shampoo, conditioner and rinse water. Another had a vacuum attachment for sucking excess water from a wet pooch. The final hose ended in a salon-like blow dryer.

‘Fred trembled and leaned against whichever of us was closer, but otherwise took it quite well. By time we had her toweled off and back in the car, she was feeling her oats. After all, she’d had an outing with her favorite person (my housemate), and didn’t have to share her with the other dog. Boosted her mood for days!

Me, I can now say I’ve vacuumed a dog and lived to tell the tail tale.

Photo credit: dno1967b

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