New things: Produce locker as tornado shelter

The season of warm-weather drama launched today in north Texas with tornado sightings by the handful.

When the warning sirens went off, I was in the grocery store. Well-trained employees herded me and the other customers into a storage room between the produce and the seafood departments.

Taking time to chill

We stood on the concrete floor amidst towering industrial shelves, loaded with boxes of celery, mangoes and other lovely edibles from all over the planet, shivering in the refrigerated air. (40°F. Brr!)

Right away, folks pulled out their cell phones, checking in with loved ones. But once immediate personal concerns had been handled, we started noticing one another. Conversations sprang up, sharing of what little we knew of the storms. Someone had a sophisticated weather app on his device and he provided periodic updates as he tracked what was happening in real time. We were in this together.

Still, it didn’t take long before we were all wanting to sit down. Or better yet, get on about our day. More tornadoes had been sighted, though, and we weren’t going anywhere.

Well-timed caffeine boosts our morale

Store employees rounded up bottles of water for us. They organized a cart loaded with hot coffee and cookies from the bakery department. A steaming cup of joe went a long way to taking off the chill of that refrigerated room. We went back to swapping stories until it was safe for us to leave.

In my time, tornadoes have caught me in office buildings and private homes. I’ve hunkered in stairwells, closets, bathrooms and basements. But until today, I’ve never spent an hour literally rubbing elbows with grocery-seeking strangers in a room stacked with exotic produce. Truly a fresh experience.

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Photo credit: supa_pedro

2 Replies to “New things: Produce locker as tornado shelter”

  1. Oh, Sally, that is so foreign to me that it sounds downright frightening. Funny how we all have our different weather issues that we take into stride. I’m glad you folks didn’t end up with frozen fingers!

    Sally, my RSS feed has been very unreliable. And it picks on certain people – not all at once. So I apologize…I thought you were taking a rest. I’ll take a look at some of your past posts.

    I’ve missed you!

    1. No sweat, Amy. I didn’t intentionally take a rest, but somehow, March slipped by without a single post.

      It’s true about weather. Every region has their own brand of potentially threatening stuff. You adapt. You laugh about it if you can. You go on. (Rinse and repeat.)

      Nice to see you!

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