New things: Oyster nachos

Do you hold a grudge? For decades, I’ve nursed one against bivalves. You know–clams, oysters, mussels and such. At some point, I tasted a rubbery specimen and declared their whole classification icky.

But this year, I’m trying 50 new things. It’s a perfect time to put old prejudices up for review. Bivalves are getting a second chance. It began on my birthday, when two foodie friends presented me with brined, butter-seared scallops as part of a to-die-for five-course dinner.

And now, oyster nachos from Fish City Grill. A friend’s description had me drooling, so we shared a plate.

A burst of taste and texture

My friend had not exaggerated. For while the menu gives us only 9 descriptive words–“Fried oysters, chipotle tartar sauce, fresh pico de gallo”–I hereby declare them Divinity on a plate!

My apologies to bivalves everywhere. It’s not you, it’s the cook.

Turns out it’s fun, questioning old assumptions. It feels good to admit to an old injustice and let it go, thus lightening the load. And what easier (or yummier) place to practice than with what’s on our dinner plates?

I recommend the oyster nachos.

Photo credit: denn

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. One of the courses Chuck & Val created for me was cream of mushroom soup. It was so good, I insisted on keeping the leftovers, which I first enjoyed as soup, and then used as a sauce. Nom!

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