New things: Enjoying beer

Awhile back, I announced my intention to celebrate my 50th birthday year by trying 50 new things. With this post, I begin a list of these new experiences. Happy birthday to me.

My hometown boasted a major brewery, and yet I never developed a taste for beer. I tried it plain, I tried it specialty, I tried it dark, but even when it was served very, very cold, it just didn’t suit me.

Beer masquerading as champagne

So imagine my surprise when I got home from my birthday party, peeked into the wine-bottle-tall gift bag a friend had left with me and discovered not wine, but Belgian beer. Specifically, Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic.

The packaging brings to mind sparkling wine and some beer-loving friends of mine declared it apt. “Imagine if raspberries, beer and champagne had a baby, they said. “This would be it.”

I set out a few glasses and we poured the reddish and quite foamy framboise. Mercy, me. I have found a beer I enjoy!

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