Moving ahead to a fresh start

The start of a new year symbolizes the opportunity of a fresh start. This year, part of my fresh start will be shifting to a new home.

Thirteen years = time to shed skin

I haven’t moved residence since December 1998, thirteen years ago. And though I’ve been consciously uncluttering for the last few years, moving plans have me questioning every thing. “Does this thing represent the energy I want to bring with me into my future life? Does it fit with who I am becoming?”

Somehow, I doubt I’ll wait another 13 years to ask myself such fundamental questions. Rather, I suspect that the massive shedding of old possessions/perceptions will free me in ways I can’t begin to imagine. It’s both scary, and very exciting.

My birthday wish for this year is to try 50 new things. No doubt this move will give me a head start on that list.

What are you doing for a fresh start this year?

Photo credit: SidPix

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