50 Days to 50!

Approximately 50 days from today, I’ll celebrate my 50th birthday. Heck, I plan to celebrate all year long!

I’ll try 50 new things

Mid-century seems prime time for new scenery, new experiences, new friends, new attitudes. I want to stoke the fires of my curiosity, creativity and appreciation. I’d love your company on this journey, and right now, I need your help.

To try 50 new things in one calendar year, that’s almost one a week! I need ideas both big and small.

Help me brainstorm the 50 things! Send me your suggestions, your recipes, your band recommendations, your craft patterns, your resource links, your secret dreams. If you want to join me and share the experience, let me know. I love company.

Please leave a comment/send an email

Share your ideas as comments on this post, or email me through the contact form on my Connect page. Tell your friends. Ask your family members. Poll your coworkers. If it’s legal, I’ll consider it.

Thank you!

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12 Replies to “50 Days to 50!”

  1. – Experience a professional hockey game or other professional sport by going to a game with some friends. Pick a side and try to care about them winning.

    – Write a poem. (Longer than 5 lines.)

    – Take a tai chi class — one session will do.

    – Visit Los Angeles! :-D

    1. Hmm. The pro sport thing is a definite challenge! All the other things I’ve done, though none of them recently–and the LA visit nowhere near recently enough!

      Thanks for playing. You’ve gotten the list off to a great start.

  2. I don’t know how realistic this idea is, but:

    Sometime in 2012, plan the following trip – visit someplace on the East coast that you’ve always wanted to see, but haven’t. Spend a few days there. THEN, get up early your last morning there, watch the sunrise, and then leave on an early morning flight to the WEST coast. Then watch the sunset there, preferably on the beach (preferably with a glass of wine…). For one day, chase the Sun! (Better still, if you can dip your toes in the Atlantic in the morning, and the Pacific that evening, that would be pretty cool!)

    Or, try this: get a good map of DFW. Mark your apt’s location on it. Then randomly pick a point on the edges of the metro area and draw a line from your place to that point. Over 2012, explore that line. What buildings, stores, and/or businesses are on that line? Does it go through anything historical? Be prepared to DIG for wonderfulness, but also be prepared to find magic in simple things.

    I’ll keep thinking and try to come up with something good.

  3. I like Chuck’s suggestions.

    I’d like to add seeing the Aurora Borealis. I think that would be super cool to do. Alaska and Iceland are two places that I know of that afford that possibility. I’d join you for that :).

    Other ideas? Become a docent at your favorite museum. Play the lotto every week. Got watch a movie at a theater without knowing anything about it. Eat something exotic, like insects perhaps. Just a few thoughts…

    Of course if you’ve never been to San Francisco, here’s an open invitation!

    1. Fascinating ideas. If we go to iceland, I know someone else dying to join us (unless she’s too busy with her wedding plans!). Electro-magnetic effects of all the recent solar activity have made auroras visible much farther south than normal, so that opens up some additional terrain.

      Thanks for adding to the fun.

    1. Ooh, I want the hugs! Lots and lots of hugs!

      I’ve done the sing in public thing, though it’d be interesting to try it in a different way. Toenails sounds like a party experience, where we all bring a few colors for some shared rainbows.

      Thanks for the ideas. I’m adding them to the list!

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