Help upon awakening

If you are among the many of us experiencing a heart awakening, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by other people’s anxiety or fear. That’s why boundaries are important. But I don’t want to wall out everyone. I want to stay as open as possible—present and compassionate—without soaking up all the ick that folks are releasing.

So I’ve been asking for help, and this morning, I received it in a dream.

Objectively, the dream made no sense, but there was no question it carried a message. As soon as I woke, I wrote down all the details I could remember.

My turquoise dream

I stood inside…

  • A glass-faced building (like a car dealership), looking out through
  • Automatic sliding doors (like a grocery store).
  • A number of round turquoise balls (like Chinese lanterns)
  • Were hanging from the ceiling
What I took from it
  • It’s possible to be transparent to the world around you while still being protected. (Me in a glass structure.)
  • You can let things in and out as you choose. (The doors.)
  • Turquoise gem stones can provide exactly this kind of protection. (The lanterns.)
  • Try wearing them on your body, perhaps as earrings. (The ceiling.)

After writing this down, I went to check my gemstone book. Here’s a bit of what it said:
“Turquoise connects physical and spiritual awareness. Develops inner strength and calm. Stabilizes. Heals the emotions and the emotional body. Traditionally used for protection.”

You can bet I’m wearing turquoise earrings today!

If this information benefits you as well, I’m thrilled. Heck, once I catch a glimpse of your turquoise jewelry, I’ll even invite you into my glass house for a cup of tea. Just step on that mat—the door opens automatically.

Photo credit: futureshape

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