Magic calls out. Loudly

What birdsong provides your morning soundtrack? Around here, the loudest voices are generally mockingbirds and blue jays. Not today.

Crow visits the ‘hood

This morning, with an insistent “caw, caw, caw,” Crow made himself known. What an unmistakable cry. What volume! I ignored the feathered one for some time before it finally called me out.

“What’s up, Crow?” I asked, having no trouble spotting its big black body perched in the ash tree just outside my balcony door. It carried something in its beak that might have been a segment of fruit, or possibly a fast food fry. Even so burdened, it continued to caw.

I opened the door. It took wing, still cawing, still carrying its prize, and found another tree where it continued alerting the neighborhood to its presence.

Crow’s message

What message might Crow be bringing? I wondered. On consulting Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, this passage jumped out at me:

Traditionally, they [crows] were symbols of magic. They squawk and call out to everyone. This should remind you constantly that magic is around you at all times, just calling out for you to use it within your own life. The behaviors, movements and activities of the crows you specifically encounter will help you to understand how to apply magic in your life.

Magic is calling. I love it! What’s calling for your attention these days.

Photo credit: Danny Chapman

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