How a bounty of beads made me a donut

As my retired parents get serious about downsizing their living quarters, they test my own resolve to live an uncluttered life. Just last weekend, I went for a visit and came back loaded with treasure.

The haul features 13 lbs. of beads—practically half a bead store’s worth. Now the fun begins.

First, I’ll need a cabinet or something to provide easier access than the current pile of bulging sandwich baggies that brought the stash home with me. As they migrate to their new quarters, I’ll be integrating them with the beads I already had. And finally, I’ll celebrate with an explosion of creativity.

When are you coming over?

I’ll need playmates to create with and keep me inspired. Check your calendar and let the bead-tastic play dates begin!

(How did this make me a donut? Maybe you missed my glazed look as I stare, vaguely overwhelmed by the massive influx of gorgeous bead bounty.)

Photo credit: Rev Dan Catt

8 Replies to “How a bounty of beads made me a donut”

    1. Let’s set a date. That’ll give me a deadline for the re-sorting/tidying up that needs to happen first. Deadlines can be soooo motivating.

    1. Play dates are whenever you get here. Come early, come often. Bead rifling is quite the yummy experience. Highly recommended. (And far more fun to run one’s fingers through them appreciatively than to haul them through an airport along with two other heavy bags!)

  1. Beads! How neat! I would love to rifle through them for neat beads to make Christmas ornaments with! So sad the bead parties are in Dallas! :-(

    1. That is sad. You’ll just have to come visit. Perhaps some time in November when it’s cooler? We’ll put on some holiday tunes and get you in the mood for tree decorating!

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