“Trust the Universe”

Receiving vs. acting

Recent weeks find me sleeping a lot (except for the nights I lay in sleepless meditation, but that’s a different post, which I may get around to writing one day).

Isn’t sleep more suited to winter than the frenzied growth of spring? Especially when my life’s circumstances seem to be demanding not sleep, but rather Very Serious Action?

(I see a few of you nodding. See? You’re not alone!)

New month, new moon, new energy

Tuesday, I laid out Eowyn’s New Moon Tarot Spread. This time, I did it twice, using two different Tarot decks, looking for patterns between the different cards and their positions.

There were lots of parallels, both deck-to-deck and in connections between what I was seeing and what I’ve been experiencing.

The star of the show was the card shown here from the Light & Shadow Tarot deck by Brian Williams and Michael Goepferd—a wealthy, abundant 9 of Cups.

Do good things come to those willing to receive?

The week before the new moon, an awakened friend related to me how she lucked into a luxurious, beautiful place to live, mere hours before she’d be forced to move from her temporary home, she said, “I really had to trust the Universe on this one!”

In describing her experience, she seemed to be relaying a message especially for me. And boom, the new moon shows me the plump and well satisfied 9 of Cups. As soon as I saw the card, I heard my friend’s voice.

People, more people, and dead people

Since then, social opportunities have been flooding in. Ideas are perking. My need for sleep seems to be easing. Even my dreams are bearing messages from “the other side.” (The night before the new moon, I received dreamtime thanks and blessings from someone whose hospice care I’d supported before her death almost exactly a year ago.)

Something is afoot. What it is, I can’t yet say, but I hearby declare myself willing to receive.

It’s going to be an another amazing month.

What’s inspiring you? What messages are crossing your path? Heard from any “long lost” sources lately?

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