This is a test. This is only a test

Who’s in charge, here?

I’ll be the first to admit it—I can be stubborn about acknowledging patterns. Yet it frustrates me that Team Sally is so patient, I could keep my fingers in my ears singing la-la-la until I draw the last breath of this lifetime without them ever insisting I take notice.

That’s the nature of free will.

Ask and it is given… sort of

Yesterday, I acknowledged a pattern that’s been occurring for at least a year. I took it to the Tarot for insight and came away puzzled, so I brought my request for clarity into my meditation.

The only suggestion I feel I really understood: go without TV for a week. Uh… OK. I can do that. I think.

Can I expect a spiritual Scooby snack for doing this? I don’t know. But two questions do have me glued to my seat. One: will I really make it for a week? And two: how many amazing things might I learn/accomplish as I go?

Stay tuned.

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4 Replies to “This is a test. This is only a test”

  1. Having taken my TV to recycling and shutting down cable – I didn’t use it for 2 years! – I am delighted at the thought of all you will accomplish. Don’t be like me and sit in front of this computer for ever…

    1. Hi, Amy. I was just reflecting how much easier it’s been to tend my own vibration since I stopped following the daily news, post 911. It could be this is the next step. Too soon to say.

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