To wish? or to affirm? That is the question

Are you a wisher? Not as in offering well-wishes to a friend. As in wishing on a star (or penny or simply wishing straight out).

Could wishing be counterproductive?

A few years ago, someone earnestly explained that making wishes would simply draw attention to the fact that whatever I’d wished for was something I didn’t have–and that saying “I want” is an even more negative expression. Much more empowering to use affirmations, he said. Speak as if you were already reaping the benefits of having whatever it was. Since then, I’ve been more careful about saying things like “I wish this would happen,” “I hope this works,” “I really want this,” and so on.

…or is childhood’s impulse right on track?

When I read Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology. I began to wonder. Ms. Spiller’s book encourages us to use the natural power of the new moon as a tool for manifesting our desires. She offers page after page of sample wishes, most of which begin with the words “I want.”

Likely it’s my background as a writer (and reader) that’s instilled a belief in the power of words that runs too deeply for me to take this issue lightly. Ultimately, I know it’s up to me to decide what truth looks like for me. And yet I’m curious:

Do you wish? Want? Hope? Or do you stay firmly in the present, using affirmations?

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  1. I go straight for the thanks and get right into the feeling of having it already.

    Wanting and wishing is focusing on the lack, in my belief system.

    My little mantra is “forward feel”!

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