Pluto in my face

If left to my own schedule right now, I’d happily sleep 10 hours a night. Will this process ease up any time soon? I rather doubt it.

Last night, after listening to an astrology podcast, I went to for a look at what the sky has cooking for me. Transiting Pluto is just beginning a sweep of every one of my personal and social planets (my Mars, Venus, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon are crammed into an arc of just 32°). It means slow-moving Pluto is poised to be In My Face for decades to come.

What does that mean?

Clare Martin, author of Mapping the Psyche, says, “Symbolically, Pluto describes a forced initiation which appears to come out of nowhere but changes our lives forever. It is where we are taken over by forces we never believed we were going to get involved with.”

Dana Gerhardt adds, “Pluto operates like a good parent or a wise spiritual master. He doesn’t engineer our suffering; our own confusion does that. It’s not the transit, but our resistance to it that creates the pain. We’re attached to something disempowering; it holds us back. … That dysfunctional mindset must be shattered if we’re going to grow. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, ‘We can’t solve our problems using the same mind that created them.'”

To resist or surrender? Is it even a choice?

Personally, I intend to surrender rather than resist. I’m getting better at it, thanks to all the practice I’ve had this past year or so, but it’s still tempting to go unconscious and metaphorically stick my fingers in my ears singing “la, la, la, I can’t hear you!!”

And when that happens, Pluto sends a friend to “help me” find those less-frequently cleaned spots. What a swell guy.

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