Proof of oneness

Last night,  seven amazing women read cards for me as part of an Intuitive Tarot group meetup. Of the 33 cards turned on my behalf, there were only two repeats of any given card. Intriguingly, they were  major arcana numbers 15 and 13, The Devil and Death, strongly suggesting the the huge change I’m seeking  requires me to first look at the lies I tell me about myself.

Fair enough. Then this morning, I received an email from Consciousness Circle Helen. She posed a question she was “expected” to pass along. The question was odd enough that I’m sure if my guides had/have attempted to pose directly, I would have failed to perceive it. Now, thanks to her willingness to receive it on my behalf,  I’ll be working with all this question stirs up for me. And staying open to any connection between this morning’s message and that of last night’s cards.

How connected are we, we Earth dwellers?  I’m always amazed.

Photo credit: Jiaren Lau

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