Time to dig deeper

Some days, as part of training my intuition (or rather, training myself to trust my intuition), I’ll go to the Tarot, let a card present itself and then listen for what my inner voice tells me before I go to the book for the card’s meaning.

Today was the second time in a row the deck gave me The Hierophant. The image shown here differs from my deck (The Light and Shadow Tarot, by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams), but just as difficult for me to get a bead on.

Repeats are significant, especially with Major Arcana like this, right? So I went and did a little more reading about this distinguished looking gentleman. Here’s the question that jumped out at me:

Are my beliefs helping or hindering me?

So I reckon it’s time to dig deeper into more than just the meaning of this card. It’s time to get more aggressive about uncovering some no-doubt long held beliefs that are creating an obstacle to what I now want.

This is not what I wanted to hear. I’m feeling the lazy pull of summer heat and wanting to take a break from putting much effort into my awakening. I guess it comes down to asking which I want more — the old belief (whatever it is) and the thing I now desire?

Anyone out there with experience with The Hierophant? Please chime in.

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