God winks

Today was not only the day of the new moon, but also a full solar eclipse. I was feeling it even before I rose this morning, with a busy night of dreaming. My dreaminess persisted, to the point I changed some plans this afternoon to get me off the road.*

Yet there’s no doubt in my being that the divine has quite a sense of humor. This morning as I was dreamily brushing my teeth, I saw an angel in the design of my faucet in much the same way I’ll see critters in the clouds or entire sagas illustrated in the apparently random swirls of a floor tile.

Still chuckling over my angelic faucet, I headed to the car, picking up yesterday’s mail on the way. The mail included a postcard announcement that the Underworld had moved to a new location. I laughed out loud. Of course I’d hear about it on the day the moon was due to occlude the light of the sun. What better time for Hades to shift the realm of the dead? Sure, the postcard indicated the store is called Ginny’s Underworld, and that they sell bras, but I know a god wink when I see one.

*Huh. As I type this, I remember my post on last month’s lunar eclipse, when I had much the same dreamy experience of driving under the influence.

Photo credit: kissyface

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