Flying, with Frappuccino

This morning, I was skimming along the surface of the earth when I went off the edge of a cliff. At first, I panicked, seeing water and shoreline below, both coming up much too fast. But in my dreams, I can fly, I remembered. Why not try that here?

So I did. To my delight, I began gaining altitude. Then too much altitude! I realized I was clutching a big fluffy pillow to my chest and decided to use it as a boogie board as I allowed myself to drift down… down.

An angel was flying below me, keeping an eye on things on earth. He had short, curly blond hair. It gave him a start to see me at first, then he smiled and offered me one of the two frappuccinos he held. I accepted, choosing not to mention it was almost gone. The last couple sips were yummy. I clutched my pillow and experimented with a slow roll. Fun.

I might still be flying now, but for a hungry cat bouncing up and down on the bed, asking for breakfast. Thanks for the frappuccino, angel!

Photo Credit: Y

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