Bye, bye dusty ficus

Last week, I was reading an article connecting the (then upcoming) new moon and feng shui, with the advice to do some enhancements in the part of the bagua that corresponds to 29 degrees of Cancer in your astrological birth chart. (29 degrees of Cancer was the position of this particular new moon, I suppose–I don’t really understand it.) For me, it’s right on the border between Relationships and Creativity. I said some affirmations as I cleaned a cloudy mirror and the dirty glass in a picture frame in the relationship area, as well as getting rid of clutter. The Creativity area got a little more attention. I tossed a bunch of stuff, including the dusty faux ficus tree in the corner of the bedroom, changed what was displayed on one of the nightstands and brought in 3 fresh flower blooms (3 is the number associated with that area), again with affirmations. In fact, I wrote out affirmations on nice stationery and placed them in the associated areas.

I was amazed at the effect of taking out that tree. It had become invisible to me, except when I noticed how dusty it was. I really didn’t want to go to the effort of cleaning it and I know fake plants are not great feng shui anyway, but I initially resisted tossing it simply because I didn’t know what I might put in that spot instead. But then I remembered the Creative Intention workshop Consciousness Circle Helen and I attended last month in Wimberley, where in between releasing an old pattern and inviting in a new, we took time to appreciate the emptiness created by the release. So that’s what I’m doing–appreciating the emptiness, even as I’m getting excited by what creative ideas or projects might arrive now that I’ve created room.

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