Clean, clear, repair, repeat

A floor rolling with dust bunnies bothers me far less than a desk covered with piles of clutter. Even before I heard the term “feng shui,” I intuitively knew that decluttering was a quick way to raise my energy. Now I’m actively trying to engage feng shui principles, and continue to be amazed by how many clutter sources I’ve never addressed.

It’s not just the stuff on the desk. Or closet. It’s about the half-knitted sweater stashed among the craft supplies. The unlabeled keys that open who knows what  (and all those cords and adapters separated from mystery electronics probably long-since departed). The pretty shoes I’ve never worn. The apology I never offered. The drawer that won’t close. Etc. Etc.

This week, I got that drawer fixed. Likewise a door that no longer shut properly. I  took a torn-but-beloved linen tunic to the tailor for repair. I sorted through that box-o-cords and tossed all the orphans. I started filling a fresh bag with things to take to Goodwill.


As for the dust bunnies, I’m getting to those.

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