The gnarly man

I just listened to a episode from April 2008 of the Soul Coaching podcast. Hay House author Denise Linn led a past-life regression to release  blockages regarding money and prosperity carried over from previous incarnations.

I’m an gnarled, aging man–skinny arms, pain in my chest, bowed legs–in a short, threadbare gray tunic, walking a stone road through a town, who is having to beg to survive.

As Ms. Linn invited us to take control of this guided journey, old-man-me began to sing. When folks in the town’s market place noticed, I turned the song into a story and began weaving each of them into the story as characters. Folks started laughing and nodding and offering me food.

After this success, I am invited into nice homes to tell stories over shared meals. A couple of rich folk offer to put me on retainer. I politely say, “No, you don’t want me for the classic stories–there are others who do that better than I. You want me to tell you new stories,” i.e. mine. They say, “Well of course you’ll tell yours, but don’t you understand I’m asking you to be our private story teller–you will tell us all kinds of stories.” I say, “I appreciate your thinking so well of me as to make such a generous offer, but again I must decline, for it would be a disservice to you and your kind heart. With only one teller, all stories will begin to sound the same and no story will hold much appeal for you. Allow me to safeguard your sense of wonder.”

Awesome stuff. Thanks, Ms. Linn.

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