My 2nd grade pal: Completing the road-trip trifecta

On July 2, I completed the third road trip squeezed into a period of less than three weeks. (Shortest driving time one-way: 2 hours. Longest: 4 1/2 hours.) What an invigorating month it was!

I’ll get posts up about trips 1 and 2, I’m sure. The third is the easiest, though, because there were no huge “ahas!” At least, none that have come to light so far.

So far, it seems a simple overnight trip made for the extraordinary reason that one of my 2nd-grade best friends was visiting my adopted state for the First Time Ever, and hoped we could get together while she was here. Too far to ask her to drive all the way to my home, we arranged a hotel in a charming city an hour from where she’d been attending her business conference, and 3 hours from my home. It was easy to enjoy her company, though I was sad to not feel us connecting on any but the most superficial levels.

After a leisurely breakfast, she said farewell and drove her rental car to the distant airport for a flight home. But my trip wasn’t quite done. An online friend had left a voice mail hoping to meet me while we were both in town, and I gladly hung around for her, because she normally lives more than 9,000 miles away!

Yup. Her residence is in Bangkok, Thailand, but she was visiting my adopted state at just the right time for us to have a quick “hi” and a hug. I can’t count it as an “aha!” per se, but it was certainly a treat. Thanks ladies–both of you.

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